Show your rig

I thought it was fun to see everybody's racing rig. So post your photo's and maybe tell some story about it :) I will go first

My rig is basically also my office PC and that is why I don't have a dedicated rig yet.

Wheel: a custom made Zroso steering wheel with Alcantra and real carbon fiber and a quick release. The base is a G27
trackir (for tracking my head :p)
Graphics: AMD R9 290 (2x in crossfire setup)
and a crappy office chair that drives backwards when I press the brake too hard

I still want to upgrade to a real rig with Virtual Reality. But this will be a long way into the future :)

Nice rigs guys..

@Frank, I would agree with Luka, changing to cockpit view will enhance your immersion in the sim, the right fov will also help with hitting apexes and catching slides etc. I think my fov is about 24. I would even go as far as saying that having a Buttkicker gamer 2 attached to your chair with maybe RPM and gear change would be fantastic.

I really like the rim too, are all the buttons and dials programmable?

@Roman, try pressing CTRL + = mate when in the garage, a display will come up to help align the car body and tyres to adjust for the bezels.


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Great setups both, I will post mine tomorrow, I am now on 34" UW Dell monitor. Before i was on 3 LCD's setup. It is much better on 3 then 1 ultrawide.
Maybe your fov is set too high. You can change it in settings

Try possibly 28-32 (a guess), you may also have to adjust the seat up or down, you probably will want your mirrors towards the outer edges of your screens like Roman. It looks like you use an app so you don't really need to see the car display.

With a high fov you are more likely reacting to what's going to happen (judging the apex from a distance) rather than what is happening (the apex is right in front of you).
Thanks for the tips Amereto! Actually the high FOV actually saved me last time because someone a box behind me didn't see me. I could prevent crashing into him because I saw him pulling away next from me. I normally also have trackIR on but last time rfactor2 crashed when using it
rF2 only uses vertical fov.

Try this, the fov I use is actually 19.
It said my FOV should be 17 (1 meter away from screen, and 1 screen is 61CM diagonal). But this doesn't seem to be right (see image). What is wrong here? Or is this because my PC sees the 3 monitors as 1 screen, and rfactor2 FOV 17 is based on 1 screen of 1920x1080 instead of 5760x1080? Or is this actually correct and should I play with the camera/seat position