RFactor 2 flickering issue in multiview

First of all I want to thank Damir for creating this Troubleshooting forum. I am using multiview (as suggested by Amereto) for some races now. But I also have an annoying bug with it. So basically at some places of the track my left monitor flickers. It depend a bit on what circuit. For example it was good in Barcelona, but it was happening on Imola. Also Canada so far seems to be the worst for me. Also weird enough it only happens in the cockpitview, and only with my current car. if I pick another car, there is no issue at all. I now have fixed it by turning off multiview. So anybody have an idea what is going on here? There is a video below where you can see it happening in the first 20 seconds. My self is thinking something is casting a shadow on an invisible plane of my car

hardware is in the youtube descriptions. But it is
- Graphics: 2x AMD Radeon r9 290 (Crossfire turned off) in eyefinity mode. Also with latest drivers Processor: i5-4690 Memory"16GB

I don't really have trouble with other games like iracing, pcars, F1 2016. Also like I said. it only seems to be happening on this car
So thx to damir i saw my crossfire was turned on. I will try it again with turning it off. However i believe i installed a new driver because i had this issue :) and the new driver turned on crossfire by default
Post effects are set to low. Only lower is off ;) I disabled crossfire and tried again. But the issue was still there (only looked a bit different). What did seem to help is with ctrl+= changing the monitor settings a bit. However, for some reason rfactor2 is now super unstable. It keeps crashing after 15 minutes. Well it's not really crashing. It goes back to desktop while you still hear the sound of the game. But you can't go back. I hope it's just a matter of rebooting the pc:p