Which mod you would like to drive the rest of the season?

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Because we are having problems with 1996 mod, we decided to get other mod which is in our opinion better done and also better to drive.

Please vote with which mod you would like to drive the rest of the season.

Also it is limited voting for 3 days, after 3 days we will see which mod got more votes.
I think these cars are better to drive but also harder to handle, much more beast!!

The 1996 mod is really fun to drive but like mentioned it has it's problems.

Like Damir said, the 1992 mod feels more 90's for me. My rig's shaking like crazy..:eek::cool:

1992 mod for me... #05 - Mansell
I cannot get the mirrors to show properly in the McLaren on my system. they are pointing down to much, no matter how much I try and adjust them.
I tried several things like that already, it's just that I've driven a few cars and some the mirrors are ok and some they're not.


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Are you changed in plr file something. Try to search in rfactor2 forums for mirrors. I know there is solution to this. I will try to search if there is solution.


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use Shift+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust all mirror reflection heights

use Shift+Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust mirror reflection
note: these physical mirror position adjustments are for the in-cockpit center mirror only

Left Mirror use Ctrl+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust left mirror reflection

Center Mirror use Ctrl+Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust center mirror reflection

Right Mirror use Alt+Seat view adjustment controls to adjust right mirror reflection​

From racedepartment


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By default hit "3" to toggle between virtual mirrors, real mirrors or both.

If you use "shift", "ctrl" and "alt" as modifiers, you can control the left/right/up/down view in the mirrors and the in/out view of the mirrors.

- Ctrl+Seat : Left Mirror Horiz
- Ctrl+Alt+Seat : Center Mirror Horiz
- Alt+Seat : Right Mirror Horiz

- Shift+Seat : Mirror Adjustment Horriz
- Shift+Ctrl+Seat : Rearview Width
- Shift+Alt+Seat : Mirror Physical x,y,z

Player.json settings:

"Moving Rearview":3, // set it to 0 or 2 if rear mirror view changes a lot from car to car.
"Moving Rearview#":"Whether mirrors respond to head movement in cockpit (0=none, 1=position-only, 2=FOV-only, 3=both) - add 4 if you want to IGNORE head-tracking movement",

"Rearview Independent":false, // change it to true if you change FOV a lot and rear view doesn't need to change.
"Rearview Independent#":"Whether width (horizontal FOV) can be controlled independently of height (vertical FOV)",
The mirrors did appear to be ok but then I couldn't adjust them, so the view was still off.

I haven't had any issues with any other mods in rF2 regarding rearview mirror angles.

I'll take a Williams if free. Thx.
I dont want to choose Tyrell again cos dnt like very much when got antenna on front view. its annoying and disattrcting my attention. Also, engines of some cars sounds like being sloughtering. I like to hear things like pink floyd, not screaming. So, as well benetton do not have it, pls change me to benetton