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gregor vodicar

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Someone have to start :)

Gregor from Slovenia, 32 years old..

I started simracing with F1 1998 I think.. continue with gp4, f1 challange 98-02, rFactor, and now rFactor 2. I did few seasons mostly in Slovenian Leagues and also some international. I also did some FSR Pro series races around 2010.. best result was 4th place I think.
In real I did some laps with racing gokart, renault clio cup and formula 2000 on red bull ring.
In past I was big fan of Michael Schumacher and now I am stil fan of Vettel.

At this point I must say all the best about organization of 1998 season! There is a lot of media material, after race press, good participation on races! I wish you all the best, and keep up the GOOD work!
I did something similar in past and I know how much work and time is needed for this to look like it looks at the moment!


Luka Oslakovic

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Luka ''Chivo'' Oslakovic, Slovenia, 26yrs

Started very similar to Gregor, I think it started with demo F1 1998 game, gp3?, F1 Challenge 99-02, rF, rF2. Started in OF1L rfactor league at the time, then created a league F1WRL, later WRL - with friend from Germany Chris Setzer. We were running the league for quite a few years on rFactor, many seasons. When rF2 came out we struggled to switch and closed the league. I joined Silverline team in FSR WS later found my own team with some controversial person in FSR, helping us on and off track. Emirates Racing first year, later The Venus Project Racing, have raced in both World Series and World Championship. We did couple of seasons in italian league SRZ (F2, Enduroance championship), joined slovenian leagues like OPK, F1PRO, Slo-racing. Not much real life experience except rented gokart sessions. Best simracing moment on tape got to be double overtake in Magny Cours, got to love the commentators.

You can find a lot of my simracing history on that channel, but new videos get posted to this one. I'm big fan of Raikkonen, supporter of The Venus Project and floor installer at my job. Short description of mine. :LOL:

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Fixit Frank

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Hello, I am Frank from The Netherlands, 38 years old when I last checked and live in the City of Utrecht (center of the Netherlands). I look like this picture below. (if you watch this 10 years later you have to blow up the image a little bit more, but I assume Damir let the forum crash before that ;) )

Race Career
I started with sim racing with Simbims (2005) GTR and GTR2 games. I did race online but not in a competition. I also loved playing co-op races with a friend of mine in the codemasters F1 games where we did full race distances which was always fun. Since I was 15 I raced remote controlled offroad cars and 5 years later I raced with RC onroad. I was a 5 times club champion in the direct drive class with this car

Unfortunately the class got disbanded (probably because they where tired of me winning), and then I raced for a few years with a 4 wheel drive. Got a few podiums, but never enough to be club champion again.

The last 3 years or so I race in iRacing in, and I also raced in the F1 pro 1992 league. Got tons of good highlight video's on the Team Dynamo channel. Fun to watch :). I am always like the average guy in the field and I am not super fast. You can see the iRacing races, hotlaps and other races also on the channel.

Team Dynamo
Very short explanation about Team Dynamo. It's basically a group of old friends where we played Team Fortress Classis with in leagues. And nowadays we just play co-op games and sometimes record our stupid actions ;) Currently it's more my channel because I am the only one putting things on it hehe. I am also a little proud that I made my own Team Dynamo skin for Rfactor2 and was my first attempt to make a skin

For my rig I switched from tripple screen to VR (Pimax 5k+). I use a custom made ZRoso steering wheel, with as base a G27 where I modded it onto with a quick release.

Fan of:
Well if it contains 4 wheels, there is a big chance I watch it. I watch Le Mans (series), Indycar, Formula E, WTCR, Nascar, Dakar, Rally, Formula 2 and of course Formula 1. I am not really particular fan of somebody. But I really like Guenther Steiner from Haas (,but not the drivers). I also like Norris and Ricciardo ,Kimi and Max of course (because I am dutch :D).

I am senior developer at a Swedish mobile gaming company and work from home mostly.