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So let me be first :)

My name is Damir Dubarič, from Slovenia, Ljubljana.

I am 45 years old (hope not too old :) )I am in simracing around 10 years. I prefer Formula one cars but will drive also some GT series.

I am using T500 RS wheel. I own Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, F1 2017, rFactor, rFactor2.

Klemen Jenko

Klemen Jenko
Well let me be next :)

I'm Klemen Jenko a 23 years old and i played rfactor a while ago but not a lot just a little. Now my friend luka showed me rfactor 2 and i was stunned and amazed. I also preffer and enjoy F1 mods in this game. Especially i like to see the changes betwen a formula now and back in 1996, that is why i love this mod :)

I own logitech g25 and for now only the game rFACTOR 2.
Denis gorelov, Russia. 39 y.o. Was an f1 fan even before saw it first time. When was a child time to time builds an autodromes with sand, when workers performs some works around my area and trucks drove a mountains of sand. I run toy cars and measure time with fathers chromoneter. I got 3 cars, they was the same, but the one that painted red was faster! Then thy began to show f1 on tv. It was 1994. Five years ago i bought wheel. Sad that i got a sunday league for today and will not drive with you. Maybe, next year? Best regards, cheers. g27.

Fixit Frank

Please fill some info about yourself, how long you play sim racing, what games you own (simracing), what you prefer to drive, wheel, etc.

My name is Frank van Gent and I am 36 years old and live in the Netherlands. My interest for racing games started with Grandprix 2. After that I sticked around at GTR and GTR2 for some time. Other sims I own are Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally and iRacing (which is basically the only game I enjoy in multiplayer so far). With a friend I also did a co-op championship in Codemasters F1 2013 with full practice, qualifying and race length. In real life I also raced with remote controlled cars (and was club champion 5 times). One of my cars is actually the Williams F1 car from 1996 :)

My wheel is a custom made F1 wheel with the G27 as a base. I never really got into rFactor 2 because I couldn't really got the cars to handle probably with the setups and also it's hard to find the good mods. I am a pretty consistent driver but I think I will be chasing the pack. I will try to get out of the way when the blue lights on my wheel blink hehe :)
Iam from Slovenia, Medvode, 24 yrs. Started simracing with F1 challenge back in 2003. Lot of offline races and switched to RF in 2007, soon to be staring to ran a league with a friend for around 5 years and after that competed in FSR and other leagues. I have done plenty of simracing videos, highlights. One of my best times at italian league SRZ:

I drove with G25 for most time, then a year ago switched to G29. At start I was only into F1 driving but nowdays I like most of the racing cars. I only own RF2 atm.
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Mikka Persson

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Hi from Sweden, i am Mikka and i have drive many lueges in past :)
Im 56 years YOUNG and still i Think this is funn :)

I have a Intel 5 Computer and gpu 1070
Wheel is a thrustmaster T300 and the Pro pedals.
I mostly drove F1 but this year i also drove a few GT race on ISR servers and that also funn


Kuba Kubica

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Hi there from Germany, I am Kuba I have lots of experience I am 33 years old and love the 92 Mod.
I driveaG27 wheel with Fanatec V3pedals 1.5shifter + playseat and triples.
Would to drive my favourite Mod the 92 Car, espacially the March from Karl Wendlinger,would be nice to join you guys.

c ya on track gents.

p.s. Hi Denis, Dejan and MIkka hehe