Hi there. Sorry, that i left but whats the reason to drive in five or six? Last time i scan around all rfactor servers to add 1 more league to drive for me (As i promised, i left my job ang got a TIME now), and as well as i got sunday one i need non sunday one. And You kno what? Most leagues are the sundays one. Absolutly. And if not, all of them are busy, and they can even not give any response to my reqest. What do i suspect? Having non-sunday league may cause people to join. Maybe. I dont know what it really depend. BTW, most leagues are spanish. Quantity of spanish leagues equal to all others. It was just interesting fact, not a call to learn Spanish. Best regadrs, cheers.


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Thanks for this. But most of members was for Sunday race, that is why we got it on Sunday. I preffer Saturday, but again there will be problem with other stuff :)
Please all write best day for racing, we will try to change it.