8. RACE - FRANCE - 29.04.2018

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Track: Magny-Cours
Laps: 50 laps + warmup lap

ASR MOD: Download (Copy it in rfactor2\Packages and in launcher install it)
Track: Magny Cours

Qualifying: 20:00 CET (for 15 minutes)
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 20:20 CET

Password: /

Tires usage: 2x
Fuel usage: 1x
Damage: 20%

No chat on Q and Race.

Some basic Rules:

1. Cutting corners will be punished (5 sec per cut in case you were faster that lap then normal)
2. Incidents like crash will be reviewed and it will be punished accordingly
3. Minimum drivers on race is 10.
I recorded the whole race so we can look back at our favorite fights, mistakes and crashes :) Since we probably don't want to watch the whole race I added time codes (on youtube can even press on them if you expand the description)

And sorry Damir, I also recorded your crash :)

00:00:00 Start
00:07:50 Crash Frank
00:09:37 Crash Frank replay
00:19:36 pitstop R. Gali
00:21:15 Fight R. Gali(4th) vs D.Kristow (4rd) - nice fight!
00:27:06 Fight D. Dubarič (2nd) vs R.Gali (3rd)
00:31:01 D. Dubarič grass mowing
00:33:37 Crash D. Dubarič
00:39:11 pitstop R.Gali (2nd)
00:52:49 pitstop M.Novak
01:11:00 result


Roman G.

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I had a good fight with D.Kristow.I enjoyed it.A very fair and clean driver.Always leave enough room for attack and overtaking.I enjoyed it, respect