6. RACE - SPAIN - 25.03.2018

Will you come to race?

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Track: Barcelona
Laps: 46 laps + warmup lap

ASR MOD: Download (Copy it in rfactor2\Packages and in launcher install it)
Track: Download (You will gaet link there, download, copy to Packages and install)

Qualifying: 20:00 CET (for 15 minutes)
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 20:20 CET


Tires usage: 2x
Fuel usage: 1x
Damage: 20%

No chat on Q and Race.

Some basic Rules:

1. Cutting corners will be punished (5 sec per cut in case you were faster that lap then normal)
2. Incidents like crash will be reviewed and it will be punished accordingly
Thx for the first race for me here :)
I know it should be a bit problem seens me and Ludde started try this great mod same day as we raced hehe
Im sorry if i am to blame for the Little hickup in T1-T2 byr i reallt not sure what happend.

Anyway was a funn race and funn to even catsh upp to a few of u guys :)
And it was a bit shoch se how fast u all are here:D

I hope get upp to speed to next race and my aim is to be a Little closer to you.

Thx for good mod and good luege and nice gentlemens.

Had a great deal of fun.
Was not prepard for race at al and wanna thank for set i got..
Had a minor incident When Mikka spun and was deadlast but it was agod lesson anyway and see you next race...

Cheers Ludde
well Ludde u strainge my friend hehehe:
In the small Practise we get yestoday befor the race my pace whas all ok and u hade no pace :)
But as normal when start go suddenly u need beat this old man Mikka haha, and again u get great pace in race that u did not have befor hmmm.
Anyway all lueges need drivers fight in all field and this race we fought in end with LOTS of funn.

For u that not know Ludde is a great frind to me and we have raced thogeter in diffrent luges seens..........well is it late 90th we began with Toca ?

Now we look forward to next race :)

Nice to see again Mikka and Ludde here. Unfortunatly, lastvleague we drove was too small in number, this league is a bit bigger so i hope together we shall make a number it to live. 30 of march is my last day at my work where i got night shifts wich with the law of unluckyness always falls at racedays, so ill be a sure participant. Cheers!