4. RACE: Malaysia - 04.03.2018

Will you come to Race?

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Track: Sepang
Laps: 39 laps + warmup lap

ASR MOD: Download (Copy it in rfactor2\Packages and in launcher install it)

Qualifying: 20:00 CET (for 15 minutes)
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 20:20 CET

Password: f1pro1

Tires usage: 2x
Fuel usage: 1x
Damage: 20%

No chat on Q and Race.

Some basic Rules:

1. Cutting corners will be punished (5 sec per cut in case you were faster that lap then normal)
2. Incidents like crash will be reviewed and it will be punished accordingly
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Finaly I will have some more time now :/

Can someone please help me with instaling this mod? I download mod from link in this topic, put it to packages and install in with rfactor 2 louncher. When I want to go online I get message package not avaliable :(

Mod version instaled is 1.86
Gregor vodicar does the mod and the track work in singleplayer? try looking in singleplayer what is the cause then if u dont find something try this. Unistal the track in rfactor 2, then go to the folder rfactor2/installed/locations And find Malaysia_2007 unistal it there also. Do the same with the Asr formula OWC mod 1992(installed/vehicles) Also unistal everything in packages folder! Restart steam and go to server. if it wont work install http://downloads.xtremefactor.es/descargas/viewdownload/53-formula-1/1373-formula-1-1992-asr.html. First try singleplayer then go to server. i think i had the same problem and the cause was that i had it subscribed to steam and i also installed it manualy somehow it got messed up. And join us on discord where it will be better to comunicate as we have screen sharing there.
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Thank you all for coming to race, we had 12 people on the start. I had really nice battles with Denis until I made the mistake and hit his rear. I had an instant karma, because my table moved a little, some cable disconnected and had to shut down the pc...
I am making another highlight video. But I can't find the results on the result page. it still says nurbeurg ring. How can I see the results for Malaysia? :)