10. Race - Silverstone - 13.05.2018

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Laps: 43 laps + warmup lap

Track 10: Great Britain, Silverstone DX11

Track can be found in rFactor 2 Workshop on Steam.

Great Britain, Silverstone DX11 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917387157

Qualifying: 20:00 CET (for 15 minutes)
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 20:20 CET

Password: /

Tires usage: 2x
Fuel usage: 1x
Damage: 20%

No chat on Q and Race.

Some basic Rules:

1. Cutting corners will be punished (5 sec per cut in case you were faster that lap then normal)
2. Incidents like crash will be reviewed and it will be punished accordingly
3. Minimum drivers on race is 8. (we will startt with less if most of drivers agree)
I voted NO, but this is probably a YeS. So at 17:00 I have to leave my parent and then travel 2 hours to my home. There is a chance I can make it :) I am also practicing for it.

(btw, this always be a problem if there is a F1 race I watch at my parent place ;) I blame F1 because they moved the start of the races from 14:00 to 15:10)


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Well till the penalty race was pretty good. Then I got Stop /go penalty and i finished race as i would be driving alone for rest of it.
Why did you get a stop & go? I got a stop and go for entering the pits to fast (missed the line at pitentry). When doing the stop & go I accidentally run into Dejan because I didn't saw him. So sorry Dejan! :eek:

Also Damir, just continue driving otherwise it's really boring for me hehe