1. A @ adminf1pro:
    Will share link of Discord this afternoon
  2. M @ Marco Vismara:
    Ciao potete darmi il nome del canale discord per favore ?
  3. gregor vodicar @ gregor vodicar:
    Awesome San Marino race report!
  4. killercake95 @ killercake95:
    Thank you!
  5. A @ adminf1pro:
    I put info on discord
  6. killercake95 @ killercake95:
    Hello, can someone please explain how can I see fuel stats, so I can know how much fuel I need for race?
  7. gregor vodicar @ gregor vodicar:
    Nice choice
  8. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Its official isi track on steam i think dont have link atm
  9. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Magny cours did not work well. We will race malaysia
  10. M @ Marco Vismara:
    malesya sostituisce magny cours ?
  11. M @ Marco Vismara:
    link per malaysia ?
  12. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Standings updated in forum
  13. A @ adminf1pro:
    link for those who doesn't know how to change name
  14. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    I have no idea sorry. Never set up my own server
  15. Kuzin Alexander @ Kuzin Alexander:
    Hello, I try to create my server, but I can not join, writes: Package Not Available, please help to solve this problem.
  16. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Porridge for breakfast if you want to be fast :D
  17. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Race day, you ready guys? :)
  18. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Those who didn't yet, please tell us if you can come to race in San Marino GP topic. Thank you
  19. A @ adminf1pro:
    And this is in mod defined thing.
  20. A @ adminf1pro:
    there are weight penalties for useing aids, not much but they are.
  21. A @ adminf1pro:
    where should i check this?
  22. killercake95 @ killercake95:
    i have question, can admin check for traction control and abs penalty (weight add) because it seems like there is not any weight added if something is on, which sure would not be fair to those who drive without any assist
  23. Luka Oslakovic @ Luka Oslakovic:
    Hotlap @ Imola with Gregor Vodicar
  24. A @ Andrej Mesarič:
    Get a room :)
  25. Gašper Zupan @ Gašper Zupan:
    anyway, I would/will for sure join you guys in the future on some non-championship races or some other suitable event ;)