New members please read this!


- When you sign up please use your Name and Surname, so to use this on server.
- Please introduce yourself here INTRODUCTION (Name, Surname, Country, what you like to drive, wheel, etc.)
- We ask of you to respect eachother on forum as on server. We do not tolerate bad langauge/behavior.
- Freely open relative topics of Q & A.
- Admins can open/close delete any posts

- All members need to use DISCORD--> Discord

F1 1996 LEAGUE

- Go to Drivers and pick a seat which is open and type your name and preffered open seat.
- Driver seat is updated everyday and will be closed a week before our F1 PRO 1996 league starts.
- We want to rework-ish the f1 season 1996, race lenght is 70% actual grand prix season.
- In case there is a lot of signing we are open to create another F1 PRO 1996 League which will be scheduled to run with other leagues.


- Race time is around 1.30 hour
- Qualification time is 20 minutes
- All races start at 20.00 gmt+1

 Generaly we want to have fun and work this out. so let's be team players and make this WORK!

For more information please turn on theese staff members
Administrator of this page and league is Damir Dubarič (known as AdminF1pro)
Luka Oslakovič
Roman Goli